Client Feedback: All I Want For Christmas Is…

by | Dec 1, 2018

Do you know what your clients really want?

It’s easy to think that you do. But research shows that most of us continually make assumptions based on past experience, rather than enquiring afresh to renew our understanding.

The cost of not knowing what your clients want can be high. It can lead to misalignment, creeping rectification costs, friction and disagreement – sometimes even to losing the client. So as you enter the season of giving, why not think about how well you really know your clients, and the impact that might have on your business in the coming year?

If you feel unsure or uncomfortable about the position, there’s a simple answer. Talk to your clients. Ask them questions, good questions, which will help you understand their world… and whether they see you as part of that world for the foreseeable future. Listen with skill and patience to their answers. Nothing beats information straight from the horse’s mouth!

A very merry Christmas from all of us at Client Insight, and we wish you health and happiness in 2019.