Client feedback: dare to dream

by | Jul 5, 2018

Most of the individuals and organisations we speak to about client feedback see it as an exercise in client hygiene – checking that all is well and getting the chance to make corrections and improvements if not. Of course, a good client feedback programme will enable you to find out what issues there are with clients and what you can do to address them. But it can do so much more than that.

Why not dare to dream about what you could learn from client feedback that could bring your strategic goals within your grasp? Where are the client relationships which will help you reach your strategic goals?  How are they helping you reach those goals?  What do you want them to look like? Dare to dream…

Organisations with vision know:

  • what they need from their client relationships to achieve exceptional business success.
  • what questions will prompt their clients to reveal the secret of deeper client relationships
  • how to develop their client managers so that messages from client feedback – even unexpected or disruptive messages – can be heard, acted on, and benefit gained by all.

For them, feedback is an exciting, dynamic part of achieving their business goals.

Is your organisation one of these visionaries? Why not dream about how it could be?