Client Feedback – Peanuts, monkeys….

by | Sep 1, 2019

Everyone knows that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, and if you want quality, it comes with a price tag. This month we’re thinking about how that applies to client feedback.

So, online questionnaires are cheap and reasonably easy to deliver. But what value do they give you?

  • All your clients receive a questionnaire and often it feels like all the other online surveys they receive day after day. It doesn’t grab their attention or do anything to build and preserve the relationship.
  • Questionnaires can give rise to ‘mechanical answers’ that don’t provide much of your clients’ real “voices”.
  • And if the feedback is unattributable, it can prove unhelpful if there are particular issues which need to be addressed.

If you go down the route of inexpensive bulk interviews? You could get mass produced transcriptions of hasty interviews, without probing or close attention to difficult issues that emerge.

By comparison, a quality interview service will deliver:

  • Valuable insights through a carefully crafted questionnaire, with questions designed to get to the bottom of the things that matter.
  • Tangible and immediate feedback through lots of verbatim client quotes so that you feel you are in the same room as your client.
  • Strengthened relationships through interviewers who have the skill to build a relationship with your clients and probe sensitively for information that will help you address issues and build your revenue.
  • A roadmap with interview notes presented in a way that makes the most important issues easy to see and act on.

Is your feedback programme delivering what you want?