Client Feedback – So What?

by | Oct 1, 2019

Well, that’s a good question.

If you see it as a compliance exercise, ticking the box, then maybe there’s not a lot of point. You asked the questions, you got the feedback: shelve it and forget it.

But what a waste of priceless information! Why not use your client feedback to help your organisation in whatever area the “so what” is biggest? Here are just a few examples of urgent business needs client feedback can help address.

Client Churn
Which clients might you lose next? Find out and take action to repair relationships. Just asking will help.

Increase Revenue
Where can you sell deeper into existing relationships? – so much more efficient than finding new ones.

Who will be the best fit to replace your senior people when they move on? Your clients can tell you.

Delivery issues
What’s going wrong on your accounts? How can you address problems before they cost you profits – or clients?

Client feedback is an immensely powerful and flexible tool. Its value is not as an exercise in itself, but in how it can support your business to achieve its priorities. It also nurtures your priceless client relationships.