Client Feedback – This year things will be better!

by | Jan 1, 2019

Can you hear yourself saying it? “It is going to be better this year”.  Many of us do.  We want to turn our back on the bad bits of the previous year and look forward to the new year with hope and good intention.

But ask yourself… how clear are you about what a “better” year would look like? What action will you and your people need to take to make it happen?

A simple way to bring more clarity to your good intention for the coming year is to ask your clients what they think. How does the future look to them? How do they see you now? And how would they like you to be, to be assured of a profitable place in their future?

It’s easy to make assumptions about your client relationships, especially those which seem to be hunky dory. This can lead to missing the boat. We’ve heard some clients say of their advisers, “We’ve changed but they just don’t seem to have noticed.”

Don’t let this be you. Make it your New Year’s resolution to understand your clients better, and to secure your client business for the future.