Client Relationships: Your New Year’s client resolution?

by | Jan 8, 2018

The New Year brings opportunities for all sorts of things, at home and at work. From the client perspective, the change of calendar year offers you the opportunity to reboot relationships with your clients which are feeling stale or have slipped into abeyance.

Think through your client relationships. There will be some – maybe a handful, maybe more – where you have an inkling that perhaps you are missing something. That the last piece of work wasn’t quite on the nose, that they might be flirting with other advisors, or that there is just more potential there for you to tap.

Choose the clients where your inkling is strongest and use the New Year as a pretext for a call. If you can, get a meeting in the diary: if not, a call will do. Have five or six really good questions to ask them about how they are seeing things in the New Year and how you could help. Help them be honest, and dig for the detail.

Then all you need to do is take action to lay your concerns to rest or gain the business benefit you were hoping for. Simples! Why don’t more people do this?