Finding out the truth: what could it do for your client relationships?

by | Feb 1, 2022

The news has been full of questions about politicians and whether they are telling the truth. What did they say? What did they do?

We hold people who govern us to high standards of truthfulness.  Even being “economical with the truth”, as the saying goes, is frowned upon. But to what extent do we expect truthfulness within client relationships? Do you believe that you know what your client really thinks?

Many professionals avoid finding out the truth about the state of their client relationships for fear that it may be unpalatable. But our customers report that, on the contrary, the truth is genuinely useful, welcome or not.

Here are some examples of the feedback comments we have gathered for our customers. How useful would truthfulness like this be to your business?

“I reach out to them when I’m in panic mode, which is probably not the way they like to work best! Touching base more regularly would be helpful and good for their business development.”

“On one occasion I queried a quoted price and they almost immediately offered to halve it… It just set off alarm bells in my mind that we are being completely overcharged.”

“It would be good to get more of a challenge from them. With the Management Team it sometimes feels as if we could have gone a step further.”

“I think it is a learning opportunity. Looking back at my experiences, it is so rare to get feedback. I thought I would give as good feedback as possible.”