How to survive the next two years. Client feedback can help

by | Sep 1, 2022

Recession?  Stagflation?  The economic outlook is not good.

Whatever your strategy for piloting your business through this period, your client relationships will be essential.  You need to know what you should do to safeguard and grow your existing client base.  Any additional revenue you can gain from existing clients, any client turnover you can avoid, will reduce the number of additional clients you need to find at this challenging time.

Talking to your clients will help you maximise revenue and minimize client fallout.

Your people may say, “But I already talk to my clients!”. And of course they do, about transactional matters and issues of interest. But are they having the kind of conversation that gets under the skin of the client and your relationship with them? Are they trying to find out what the client really thinks, or are they asking in a way that means, “Everything is fine, isn’t it?”

Somehow you need to get deeper. What more can you do for your client? What opportunities can they offer you?

Conversations of this nature need to be skilful and sensitive.  What your clients need from you might be very different from your expectations – and not necessarily in a bad way. Exciting things can happen when you really engage.