Is Client Feedback on your Christmas list?

by | Dec 1, 2019

Or is it on your client’s?

If it’s not, perhaps it should be. The great thing about feedback is that it is a gift to everyone involved: to your account manager, to your business and to your client.

It’s a gift to your account managers, because the information it reveals about the state of their important relationships can be priceless. As one account manager said to us, “The insights are gold dust.” Even if the feedback reveals something that needs attention, knowing about it means that it’s no longer an accident waiting to happen.

It’s a gift to your business, because it lets you get an overview of your client relationships and take strategic action, either to share your most valued ideas or to correct systemic issues. One client said, “We had no idea about the situation with the competition”, and once they knew, they could do something about it.

It’s a gift to your client, because it gives them the opportunity to speak their minds frankly, however they choose, without defensiveness or justification. You may be surprised to learn that the majority of clients, in our experience, take the opportunity to praise their supplier rather than just dishing out criticism.

What would your clients say? Perhaps this year it’s time to give them a good listening to.