Most businesses have at least five core values. We have two. They are interlinked.


We strive to be better and help you be better.

We believe that feedback that is just data collection is pointless. It needs to make a difference – make client relationships better, your business better, and your people feel better and more successful. There is always something you can do to make things better. Our approach helps you find out what it is.

“The feedback has been massively useful.”

Manager, Creative and Communications Agency.


We are committed to helping you get closer to the truth in your client relationships.

Seeing the world as your clients see it will give you the information you need to strengthen and grow your client business.

Our quest for the Truth is reflected in the way:

  • we ask clients questions.
  • we help you receive the feedback.
  • we listen to your side of the story.
  • we help you create action plans that will meet your needs and your clients’ needs.
  • we measure the benefits that you receive and your clients receive.

Our system is designed so that people can trust it, and be candid without fear of reprisals.

“I understand this, I feel safe using it with my clients, I am going to enjoy using this”.
Director, firm of Leadership consultants.