Quality information, not happy sheets

by | Nov 1, 2017

Many companies gather and analyse client feedback, but not all of them get qualitative feedback (as opposed to numerical surveys) and even fewer take serious action as a result.  This seems to us like a waste of time and energy and potentially even counterproductive.

If a client has taken the trouble to give feedback and nothing changes, they’ll be sceptical about your intentions for the relationship. But if you act on what they have said, you can move the relationship up a gear. Making improvements in individual client relationships can help you keep those clients longer and sell more work to them – yielding a profound positive impact on your business.

And to add to this value, if you gather feedback from a good sample of clients you will also gain strategic information about your business. Are all your service offerings of equal value to clients? Does one stand out, or does one let the side down? How do clients perceive your market positioning? How well does your web presence represent your capabilities and value?

There’s so much to be gained from feedback. But what’s a “good sample”? What’s the best way to gather qualitative, not just quantitative, feedback? Once you’ve got all that information, how on earth do you manage it?

There are hints and tips in our blogs. Or you can contact us to find out our approach.