Quality or quantity?

by | Oct 1, 2017

So you are keen to find out what your clients are thinking. But you’ve got lots of clients. So you commission an online survey to send to them all. It’s not expensive, and it’s got great reach.

Trouble is, you’re lucky if half of them complete it. And for those that do, you end up with some numbers aggregating all their scores. You score 4 out of 5 for client service. Great!

Or is it? How do you make sure that the clients who respond are the ones who matter most to you? 4 out of 5 – what does it really mean?

We prefer thoughtful quality over speedy quantity. If you think about which are your priority clients and ask them personally to give feedback, nearly all of them will say yes. If you ask them good questions, you’ll get valuable answers. And  most of all, if a human being asks them the questions, listens carefully to their responses, digs for detail and takes good notes, then you can easily see the opportunities and issues hidden beneath the surface of those scores.

Feedback can be so much more than a tick box exercise. Why not click here to see more?