Shooting yourself in the foot? Don’t avoid feedback when things are good

by | Sep 1, 2017

Why is it “not the right time” to get feedback? Here’s one thing we hear often:
“We have a great relationship and open conversation, I don’t think we’d learn anything.”

It’s obvious why, if something is wrong, it’s better to surface it straight away so that you can do something about it. But what about when everything is all right? Why bother getting feedback then?

In fact conversations with happy clients can be illuminating for different reasons. In our experience it’s rare for a well designed feedback conversation to yield nothing of value, no matter how close and warm the relationship. Here are a few real comments from very happy clients:

“I would value a catch up meeting once a quarter…I’ve got loads of ideas and we’re tight on resource, I could do with some help.”

“I’d like them to follow up on ideas that were parked before. We didn’t have the budget then, I think we do now.”

“We want more challenge, more ideas. I know that costs money.”

“I get the feeling that they have services we’ve not explored which could be really valuable to us.”

All of these opportunities were news to the account leader, despite their excellent relationship. These are offers of extra work, on a plate.

So don’t see feedback just as criticism or fault finding. There could be great opportunities for your organisation, if you can just ask the right questions.