Take action to get the most from client feedback.

by | May 1, 2018

The majority of client feedback these days is gathered through surveys. Whether or not these are anonymous, the information they yield is often numerical data: “We scored 3.4 on listening, that’s better than last year,” or “Our expertise rating has dropped by 12 percentage points.”

It’s easy to discuss and compare this sort of information. But what sorts of action happen as a result? It’s difficult to take the right steps, because generic data lacks the level of detail you need to make good decisions about action. That’s why we believe that the heart of client feedback activity should be real conversations, leading to individual actions for each client.

When a client takes the time to speak about you, they are making an investment in your future service. When you take action because of what they said, it doesn’t just address an issue. It shows that you were listening and that you respect and value their opinion and the relationship you share.

Canny organisations will mine individual client feedback for high-level actions, too. But to make your client feel that their time was worth it, ensure that every client who offers feedback sees some appropriate action on their account.