Caroline Rose
Director, Business

Caroline is the driving force behind Client Insight.  She is passionate about the power of client feedback to bring about positive change in businesses.

Before setting up Client Insight Caroline was Lead for client feedback services in the Europe Region of Arup, a global engineering consulting organisation employing over 10,000 staff in 37 countries.  In this role she was responsible for all feedback policy, practice and systems, as well as feedback analytics to the Group Board.

Whilst at Arup she was struck by the difficulty of engaging people to action as a result of feedback.  She saw the potential of client feedback to help people feel more resourceful about their client relationships, but was frustrated by the difficulty of getting people to hear the feedback and take action.

After leaving Arup she committed all her energies to the design of a consulting process which would make the issues clearer, help people learn from feedback, and support them to take action.  She saw that the approach, implemented consistently across an organisation, would transform client relationships and business.

Earlier in her career she was the founding director of The Employee Assistance Partnership, a provider of counselling and stress management services for companies.  As director of the company she secured business with significant companies such as ICI, Campbells Soup, Estee Lauder & McDonalds.  She also oversaw the recruitment of 300 counsellors, and development of high integrity company systems to support business secured.

Caroline is a member of the Market Research Society and ensures that Client Insight abides by their ethics and guidelines.