“They’ll party with us, but they won’t give us their business”.

by | Dec 1, 2017

At this time of year many businesses are engaged in a round of social activity with their clients and contacts, wishing them the compliments of the season and a prosperous New Year. Most have cut back on their entertaining budgets these days, but even less lavish social events still come with costs attached, in money and in time.

How productive is your client entertaining? If you feel as frustrated as the Director quoted in our headline, perhaps you ought to think of investing your time and money another way. The quality of the conversation could be more important than the quality of the wine.

Carefully planned conversations, full of good questions, with a small number of decision makers may well offer you much more value than big cheerful gatherings, however festive. Even if you don’t immediately get business as a result, you will have a better grasp of what you need to do to develop that relationship into a profitable one in the future.

And may we wish you the compliments of the season, and a very happy and prosperous New Year!