Untapped potential

by | Jun 1, 2017

“Honestly, they are one of our most trusted suppliers. I’d say a trusted advisor. But we’ve been doing the same thing for a long time. I’d love to have the chance to talk to them about what else they could do with us.”

Organisations seeking feedback from their clients often expect it to fall into one of two categories: feedback which throws up problems which need addressing, and feedback which shows that everything is all right.

But there’s another category, exemplified by the client quoted. This client had a great relationship with their supplier. But it had been stable for several years, with the supplier providing the same excellent, highly valued service. In that time, though, their offering had changed, and there was much more they could have been doing for their client. They had just not thought of or found the time for a conversation with the client that looked forward and explored other ways in which they could work together.

Following a feedback interview, they were able to extend the range of services to their client. Both sides were delighted.

Could there be untapped potential lurking in your most satisfied clients? Could client feedback be a way to unearth it?