Use client feedback to become bigger and stronger

by | Sep 1, 2018

Many – perhaps most – organisations don’t see client feedback as a vehicle for growth. For them it’s a way to identify issues and problems and get the chance to correct them:  essentially a defensive measure.

But well thought out feedback, carefully gathered, can be so much more than that. Here are a few examples of gold dust feedback, freely offered in response to skilled questioning:

  • “If they reduced their price by just 10% they would get very much more work from us.”
  • “They are underpricing their work. The quote was 15 – 20% lower than we were expecting to pay. That sort of discrepancy makes us cautious; they should charge more.”
  • “They’ve given us quotes for pieces of work in the past which I didn’t have budget for at the time. Now times are better, I could do some of those pieces of work. All they have to do is ask – I’m just too busy to remember it all.”
  • “Let me describe the winning pitch.”

In addition to opportunities for extra work and margin, organisations who understand the value of feedback use it to cement 12-18 month relationships once the initial honeymoon period is past.  At this stage detailed feedback can provide the basis for a recontract which benefits both parties, and keeps the account secure.