Why shouldn’t we do a client feedback survey?

by | Jun 1, 2018

In these technological days it’s never been easier to do a client survey. You don’t need any expertise; online resources are available which can create and send surveys to anyone you like at the touch of a button. These surveys yield masses of data, and typically they are not embarrassing to individuals. No wonder they are popular.

But how do your clients feel about surveys? Perhaps not as enthusiastic as you might hope. Most people today feel over-surveyed; you can’t even do a simple transaction on your bank account without being asked to participate in a customer feedback experience. And people are increasingly skeptical about any link between surveys and a genuine interest in improving customer relationships.

There’s the rub. Surveys ask for data and details; they do not address the client relationship. The questions in surveys are designed to be answered quickly and easily, not to tease out the subtleties of performance which could make the difference between your organisation and your competitors.  For that, you need human contact: a real conversation between two individuals, asking searching questions about the things that matter most to your clients, and which should therefore matter most to you.

Surveys are great at collecting data. But if you want insights, you need conversations.