Our questions are carefully crafted to assess:

  • opportunities as well as issues.
  • strengths as well as weaknesses.
  • bright spots and blind spots.

We select our interviewers on the basis of their good listening & communication skills; their commercial savvy, and their ability to create rapport with the client.

“Your interviewers get more out of a 15 minute conversation than anyone we’ve used before”.
Chief Executive, Creative and Communications Agency.



All our interviewers have coaching skills and they will:

  • help your people to take the feedback on board.
  • facilitate insight whether the feedback is good, or not so good.

“Additional information that comes from the interviewers, not just from the scores, has proved to be really important and has added to my understanding”.
Director, firm of Leadership consultants.


A lot of client feedback ends up unused on the shelf. Action is critical so that clients know you have heard them. Our approach encourages action for each and every client so that they experience value and your business benefits.

How do we do this? Our interviewers work with your people to create achievable action plans for each of their clients.

“We were left with several excellent points on how we can improve our business in the future”.
Director, Property Management firm.




Your people can accurately assess the strength of their relationships.

Your business

  • gets clear visibility of strong and weak points in your client relationships.
  • sees strategic issues and opportunities for action.

Safeguard and build

Your client sees that you care about what they think and listen to what they say.

Your people get help to create an action plan for each client’s unique situation.

Your business can take strategic actions.

You can feel confident that your clients are being listened to and action is being taken.

“With your help we not only won the business back but we won it back for a three year contract.”
Director, Creative and Communications Agency.

Assess, safeguard and build your client relationships